Faculty Mentoring Program

FMP provides professional development support ​to new, junior and senior Mānoa
faculty through:
FMP Dossier Library of successful dossiers from a range of faculty of varied
classifications and department, available throughout the week and available to borrow
over week-ends. Dossiers follow criteria for renewal, promotion and tenure, varying in
styles of writing and presentation;
Professional development events, including the FMP Summer Dossier Series with
seminars and panels on the processes involved in successful professional achievement
in academia, including panels of experienced DPC and TPRC members, Department
Chairs, College and School Deans, and faculty who have successfully achieved
promotion and tenure; and,
Mentor/Mentee Pairing, at the request of a junior faculty, FMP can pair them with
senior tenured faculty from outside their own department or college. An optimal and
confidential pairing benefits both Mentee and Mentor:
     • Mentees receive information on the Manoa community, guidance on departmental
processes, development of research and service agendas, advancing and documenting
assessment of teaching, guidance in publishing, and advice on dossier preparation, as
well as extending and sustaining collegial relations across campus.
     • Mentors also receive benefits through association with young researchers on
cutting-edge scholarship; potential future collaboration in scholarly work with energetic
junior resources; possible future team-teaching with former Mentee; development of
writing group members; and, new teaching practices from junior faculty.

A space for all Mānoa faculty. If your Mānoa writing group would like a quiet, private
place to meet together regularly, please make your request below and someone from
FMP will respond by email within two days time. Refreshments may be brought in. At
times, beverages may be provided by FMP. All communications and requests are

Senior Faculty! A Call for Manoa Faculty Mentors flyer PDF  

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Jan 10, 2017 — Welcome Junior Faculty!
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