Estelle Codier


Associate Professor

School of Nursing & Dental Hygiene

Estelle Codier is a tenured Associate Professor for the Department of Nursing. Her research expertise is in the field of emotional intelligence. Her work was the first to demonstrate a correlation between measured emotional intelligence and clinical performance in nurses. Other work examined the relationship between EI ability and gender, generational differences, workplace retention, and a variety of interventions designed to develop EI ability.

In addition, Dr. Codier has done extensive work, including research on learning outcomes, on teaching in virtual space. She has published several articles on the subject and wrote a book on best practices for teaching in virtual space.

Dr. Codier has taught a variety of courses for the UH Honors Program, including “Developing Emotional Intelligence in Interdisciplinary Teams”, and the H101, intro to research course.

School of Nursing & Dental Hygiene