a brief history.

From its early inception, the mentoring program was placed administratively within the Office of Faculty Development and Academic Support (OFDAS) as the office charged with development programs for all new faculty. OFDAS provides seminars, panel discussions, workshops relating to professional development in teaching and scholarship. The Faculty Mentoring Program within the broader mission of OFDAS has become part of an integrated effort to retain new faculty and to provide support for faculty with tenure and seniority throughout their academic careers.

The Faculty Mentoring Program (FMP) was established in 1991 at the OFDAS as the Junior Women Faculty Mentoring Program. Prior and up to the late seventies, a major challenge for higher education was the lack of access for women to graduate programs and then to faculty positions in colleges and universities. The University of Hawai`i at Manoa established a formal mentoring program as a way to assist in the professional development of women faculty. Over time, faculty, administrators and department chairs noted success of the program, and inquiries and requests by junior male faculty demonstrated the growing awareness if the efficacy of mentoring on the campus for junior male faculty as well. In 1999 the Program was renamed and extended to all junior faculty. Orienting mentoring towards all faculty has accomplished the engendering of a broader base of collegiality across gender and ethnicities as well as academic departments.

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umbrella January 3, 2014 — Welcome New Faculty!
. . . From all of us at CTE & FMP!

 checkered square May 30, 2013 — Self-Sabotage in the Academic Career
15 ways in which faculty members harm their own futures, often without knowing it
By Robert J. Sternberg
The Chronicle of Higher Education
April 29, 2013

 butterfly May 25, 2013 — Welcome New Faculty!
New Faculty Orientation will be held Thursday, August 22, & Friday, August 23. more...

 squares May 25, 2013 — Welcome Junior Faculty!
If you are junior faculty who would like more information on any aspect of the Faculty Mentoring Program at the UH Manoa campus, please communicate to us through our contact information. more..

flower May 3, 2013 — CTE | FMP Calendar
Check out upcoming and past events on our calendar!

squares July 16, 2012 —Promotion Tenure List

The 2012 Promotion and Tenure list has been released. You can view it here. Don't forget to visit our Tenure and Promotion Dossier library! It's open during normal business hours in Kuykendall 107 and you may check out dossiers on the weekend starting at 3pm on Friday.

net zero building January 18, 2012 — Kuykendall Hall - Zero Net Energy Building!

Several years ago, the campus adopted the ambitious goal of cutting energy use 30 percent by the year 2012 — a goal that we are on target to achieve. We were one of the first campuses in the country to set and achieve goals like these, which is why we were invited to the White House Better Buildings Challenge. At the December gathering, Presidents Obama and Clinton endorsed nationwide efforts, such as UH-Mānoa’s goal of renovating our half-century-old Kuykendall Hall into the first zero net energy (non- fossil fuel dependent) retrofitted building in the state. learn more..

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