FMP Summer Dossier Series

During summer months, a Dossier Series is offered for all junior faculty, specialists, librarians, researchers, and extension agents. The series is comprised of presentations by administrators and staff from a range of Mānoa offices with expertise in professional development opportunities for faculty and by Mānoa faculty. Senior faculty from a variety of faculty positions and departments present a range of knowledge and insights.

Topics include:

  • Dossier preparation
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Politics of tenure
  • Publishing
  • Research
  • IRB process
  • Funding
  • Sabbaticals
  • The Fulbright Program
  • Mentoring
  • Special events for UH's unique faculty categories

Summer Dossier Series Events

Below is a sample of events comprising a series for Mānoa faculty preparing for contract renewal, promotion and tenure

A Bird’s Eye View of a Dossier: A Panel Discussion

The panel will cover dossier submission from the Department Chair through to the Department Personnel Committee (DPC) and Tenure and Promotion Review Committee (TPRC). Members of the panel will include faculty who have served on Department Personnel Committees (DPCs), Tenure and Promotion Review Committees (TPRCs), and as Department Chairs. The panel will also include a College Dean and the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel. Panelists will present perspectives from respective positions along the path of the dossier process and participants will have opportunities to ask questions.

Summer 2022 TBD

Building a Dossier: How to Speak to Audiences Beyond Your Department

Presented by the Vice-Provost for Academic Excellence and the Assistant Vice-Provost for Academic Personnel.

What makes a strong dossier? How do you speak to an audience of scholars with (possibly) limited knowledge of your field? What kinds of documentation do you include? Have you included too much or too little detail? How do you demonstrate you meet the Mānoa criteria for Tenure and Promotion? This presentation is about the details of the dossier and how they are read and what they look like from the institutional perspective.

Summer 2022 TBD

Building Your Future: The Art of Creating an Effective Curriculum Vitae

Presented by a full-rank faculty member.

This event will focus on the structural as well as aesthetic characteristics that can make your CV work for you. It begins by critiquing a number of sample CVs to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Topics include:

  • Ways to streamline your CV
  • Tips on what to avoid when preparing your CV
  • Academic CV styles

Summer 2022 TBD

Publishing Matters!

Presented by UH Press Editors and Specialists.

What do authors of scholarly books and journals need to know about being published? Get the facts about submitting, producing, and disseminating your work form the professionals at UH Press.

Topics include:

  • The current state of academic publishing in Hawai‘i and beyond
  • What acquisitions editors are looking for in submissions
  • How managing editors work with authors to produce books
  • Considerations for getting your article published in an academic journal
  • Open access and emerging digital-publishing technologies

Summer 2022 TBD

Research Opportunities at Mānoa

This presentation by the Vice-Provost of Research at Mānoa will span these areas of interest to faculty across disciplines:

  • Research initiatives
  • Internal resources
  • Research program development
  • Opportunities for research funding
  • Assistance in securing and obtaining extramural financial support

Summer 2022 TBD

Effective Use of Writing Groups for Productivity and Publication

Presentations by Mānoa colleagues on their writing group experiences followed by exchange among all faculty present.

Topics include:

  • Create, sustain and use writing groups
  • Generate writing that becomes publishable
  • Explore cross-disciplinary writing
  • New faculty (re)locating post-dissertation writing mojo
  • Senior faculty generating new projects

Summer 2022 TBD

Is a Fulbright in Your Future?

A Presentation by the Fulbright Association and Mānoa Scholars.

The Fulbright program provides grants to over 100 countries for scholars, professionals, administrators and students. If you have wondered what it’s like to apply for and receive a Fulbright grant, this will be a lively discussion with colleagues and Fulbright scholars.

Topics include:

  • Application process
  • Fulbright grants in the Core Fulbright program
  • Newer shorter grants such as the Fulbright Senior Specialist and Flex Award programs

Summer 2022 TBD

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