An optimal pairing between faculty outside of one’s own locus can be enhanced when fields of interest are affiliated; however, when that is not possible, highly successful pairings between faculty with quite varied fields are accomplished. The Mentor contacts the junior faculty to set up an initial first meeting to discuss informally the range of considerations of the junior faculty. If both Mentor and Mentee find the initial contact favorable, they develop an appropriate structure that will create for them a productive working relationship. If for any reason the initial contact reveals that the pairing may not function as hoped, the Mentee contact the FMP, and we are pleased to reassess and arrange another option.

Faculty mentors say benefits can include:
• Association with young researchers on cutting-edge scholarship
• Links to others in related scholarly fields of study
• Future collaboration in scholarly work
• Junior faculty are energetic resources
• A good feeling that their experience is knowledgeable and useful in areas that are very difficult for others
• Future team-teaching with former mentee
• Future writing group can develop
• New teaching and learning methods from junior faculty
• And more!

Faculty wishing to be a mentor may submit a completed Mentor Questionnaire.
You may download and return it to or send it to:
Faculty Mentoring Program
Kuykendall 107, UHM

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